Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants.

Dr. Mabe has 27 years of experience helping people chew comfortably and smile confidently!

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Dr. Mabe graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry in 1990 and established his private practice in the Midwest focusing on all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry for adults and children. He has taken many “hands on” intensive continuing education courses over the past several decades, domestically and internationally to enhance his clinical skills and knowledge. Paul and his family have vacationed seasonally in Naples for the past 20 years. It has been their dream, as their daughters started college, to move to Naples full time and practice dentistry.

Serving the underserved around the world has been a hallmark of Dr. Mabe’s professional career. Since 1990 he has traveled to places like Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic offering thousands of hours of free dentistry to children who live in orphanages and people who would otherwise not be able to afford dental care.

dental implants naples flHow might the quality of your life change if you were able to regain the ability to chew comfortably and smile confidently again? The challenge of tooth loss can be permanently overcome with dental implants. Dental implants represent the strongest and most stable foundation for natural-looking, high-functioning replacement teeth. Implants are small titanium cylinders that are surgically inserted into the bone in the location of a missing tooth. As a substitute for a natural tooth root, the implant post is ultimately an anchor that forms the foundation for your replacement teeth. Dental crowns, bridges, and dentures are attached to the implant post with a small connector known as an abutment.

Dental implants help to preserve your facial structure by preventing the bone deterioration that can occur after the loss of your teeth.

The Surgical Procedure – Guided Dental Implant Surgery

The guided dental implant surgery technique enables Dr. Mabe to plan your implant surgery using virtual technology and then actually place the implant with unprecedented accuracy. Guided surgery is the safest, most predictable, and most efficient approach. Along with ensuring that the implant is placed to achieve the most esthetic outcome, guided technology also enables us to predict the space that will be needed for the abutment, crown, and or any related prosthesis.

Dental implant placement typically requires two separate surgical procedures. In the first, the dental implant post will be inserted into the jawbone. The implant will need to remain under the gum tissue, undisturbed, for approximately 3 months as it becomes bonded with the jawbone. During the healing period, you may enjoy soft foods and a mild diet. It may also be necessary to wear temporary dentures until your permanent teeth have been created.

The second phase of surgery begins when the implant post has successfully integrated with the surrounding bone. The top of the implant will be carefully uncovered so that a small abutment can be attached. With the healing phase complete and the abutment attached, Dr. Mabe can move forward with the placement of your new teeth.


Dr. Paul Mabe with Naples Family Dentistry here in Naples, Florida. Paul, along with his wife Eyvette and their staff, provided for me one of the most pleasurable dental experiences of my life. From the very first second I walked in the door, I was treated to one of the most amazing caring, loving and professional experiences of my life.

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My first contact with Dr. Mabe took place soon after he took over the dental practice in Naples where I had been a patient for 10 years. I had to call him after hours with a tooth emergency. He quickly assessed my problem and dealt with it in a compassionate and skilled manner. I am very happy to recommend Naples Family Dentist.

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I am so thankful for Dr. Mabe! I met him at our church , and have to say my whole life I have avoided going to the dentist unless it was an emergency. After going to see him and his awesome staff, I can truly say that I am for the first time in my life , looking forward to my next visit! Highly recommended!


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3-D Imaging and CBCT Scans

When it comes to the planning and placement of dental implants, 3-D imaging and CBCT scans provide tremendous amounts of anatomic information while minimizing your exposure to radiation.

With highly accurate 3-D images of your teeth and jaws, we are better able to diagnose and interpret the true extent of your dental condition so that we can provide you with the most appropriate treatment.

The benefits of the state of the art CBCT scans are:

  • Precise measurement and placement of dental implants in the bone
  • Proper orientation and placement of the restoration with the implant
  • Prevention of nerve damage or penetration into the sinus cavity
  • Measuring the precise implant size necessary for optimal bone support
  • Preparing a guided surgical stent for a precise and safe surgical plan based on each patient’s anatomy

We can accommodate patients usually the same day and will gladly work with referring practices.

VIDEO: What are Dental Implants?

Single Tooth Replacement and Total Tooth Replacement with All-on-Four and Removable Dentures

One missing tooth can be replaced with a single dental implant connected to a single dental crown. Completely rehabilitating your smile after the loss of the natural teeth can be achieved with the stability of dental implants and the full coverage of dentures. Dr. Mabe often recommends the All-on-Four procedure for adults who have severely broken down teeth, excessive tooth decay or teeth which have been destroyed by gum disease.

The treatment consists of the placement of 4 dental implants into the front portion of the upper or lower jaw. Once in place, the 4 implants will be immediately fitted with attachments (abutments) that can connect with a set of removable dentures. Since the bone density is higher in this area, there is usually adequate support for the dental implants as well as the removable denture. With precision imaging and advanced implant placement techniques, it is our pleasure to provide our patients with beautiful, high quality new teeth on the day of the surgery.

The Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of your dental implants will depend upon several factors:

  • The proposed location of the implant
  • The health and quality of the bone in the proposed location
  • The cost of the actual implant, abutment, and crown (denture or bridge)
  • Related procedures such as bone grafting or sinus augmentation
  • Specialist’s fees, x-rays, and post-surgical care, as needed

The cost of your dental implants can be viewed as an investment in your health and also your appearance. The pleasure of eating a balanced meal and the youthful appeal of a complete smile make it easy to see why dental implants are practical, cost-effective, and attractive for both male and female patients.

What Can Implant Dentistry Do for You?

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